Rent Ferrari 458 Spider in Dubai

Updated on Thursday 18th April 2019

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Renting a car in Dubai is, perhaps, not the first thing you can think about a vacation in the UAE. However, planning ahead in order to not have any unpleasant surprises can improve your experience a lot and renting a car for special occasions or for simply moving around the city is definitely one of the things to be put on top of your list when coming to Dubai. When talking about the car to rent in Dubai, we will definitely recommend you choose a Ferrari.

Out of all the Ferrari cars in our fleet, we advise on the Ferrari 458 Spider which is one of the most spectacular models ever launched by the Italian manufacturer. We invite you to read below why you should rent a Ferrari 458 Spider for your trip or vacation in Dubai.

Our rental specialists are at your disposal with detailed information about our fleet of Ferraris and assistance in renting any of our cars, including the spectacular Ferrari 458 Spider.

Ferrari 458 Italia, the beginning of Ferrari 458 Spider

Ferrari 458 is one of the iconic cars produced by Ferrari. Launched in 2009 at the Geneva Motor Show, the Ferrari 458 is the successor of the Ferrari 430, while the Spider model was released in 2011 and produced until 2015.

The Ferrari 458 Spider was launched at the Frankfurt Motor Show and comes in the form of a two-door convertible hardtop car. This means that you can drive the Ferrari 458 Spider in Dubai as a convertible or as a conventional car, depending on your mood and, of course, the weather.

Our rental agents recommend you rent the Ferrari 458 Spider if you want to spoil yourself, feel unique and ad a little spice to your vacation in Dubai. We can also help if you want to rent a Ferrari California T in Dubai, another great model released by Pininfarina.

What does the Ferrari 458 Spider deliver?

When it comes to the Ferrari 458 Spider, feel free to discover what this amazing car has to offer when it comes to specifications. We would only like to let you know that if you rent a Ferrari 458 Spider in Dubai, you can enjoy:
  • a 4,5-liter engine produced by Ferrari in collaboration with Maserati, so you will have a taste of two of the most important Italian car manufacturers;
  • such a large engine cannot produce less than 562 horsepower which reaches the redline at 9,000 rpm;
  • the maximum torque available on the Ferrari 458 Spider is 540 NM which can be reached at 6,000 rpm;
  • the maximum speed to be reached on the Ferrari 458 Spider is 325 km/h which is quite impressive;
  • the Ferrari 458 Spider can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in only 3.4 seconds, so a little bit more than a blink of an eye.

If we’ve convinced you on a Ferrari for hire in Dubai, you should know that you can rent a Ferrari 458 Spider with us. According to the manufacturer, Ferrari 458 Spider is the predecessor of Ferrari 488. You can rent the wonderful Ferrari 488 in Dubai in several variants with us. Among these, we offer the Ferrari 488 GTB and the Ferrari 488 Yellow for rent in Dubai.

Rent a Ferrari 458 Spider in Dubai, one of the most modern Ferraris

Ferrari 458 Spider is not a great car just because of the specs we mentioned above. If you want to rent a Ferrari 458 Spider in Dubai, you should know that it also comes with various features, among which:
  1. a multi-functional steering wheel which disposes of various controls of easy maneuverability;
  2. the steering wheel also comes with gearshift paddles, just like any other respectable sports car;
  3. an automatic climate control which is located on the central console which also hosts the navigation system;
  4. an engine start/stop button in order for you to enjoy a high degree of comfort while setting foot inside it for the first time;
  5. another impressive aspect of the Ferrari 458 Spider is the 7-gears Formula 1 dual clutch transmission.

If you want to rent a Ferrari in Dubai, we advise on the Ferrari 458 Spider for one of the most spectacular experiences ever.

What can you visit in Dubai?

If you are coming to Dubai on vacation, you are very lucky because there are so many things to see here that you won’t get bored. However, in order to see great places and landmarks, you should choose a great transportation means such as a car for rent in Dubai, and a Ferrari 458 Spider is definitely a good choice. You will be able to reach Burj Al Arb or drive to the Dubai Marina or Dubai Souk or even get out of the city for a desert safari.

When it comes to the price for renting a Ferrari in Dubai, you don’t need to worry as it is quite low compared to other extravagances you can find here.

If you want to rent a Ferrari 458 Spider in Dubai do not hesitate to contact us as soon as possible in order to book it for a wonderful vacation.