Rent Ferrari 488 GTB Yellow in Dubai

Updated on Tuesday 05th March 2019

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Rent Ferrari 488 GTB Yellow in Dubai Image
Dubai is one of the most amazing cities in the world, according to the large number of visitors who have seen it until now and most of them come back to have that feeling of greatness again. When it comes to first-time visitors, they can be simply overwhelmed by this magnificent metropolis and in order to feel like they belong here, they try new things, among which luxury car rentals are among their favorite pass times.

Not only luxury cars can be rented in Dubai, but sports cars as well, among which we dearly recommend Ferraris. For those interested in standing out of the crowd, renting a Ferrari 488 GTB yellow is a must in Dubai. Below, our rental specialists offer some interesting information on the spectacular Ferrari 488 GTB yellow for rent in Dubai.

The specs of Ferrari 488 GTB yellow for rent in Dubai

Even if the main difference between the, let’s call it ‘regular’ Ferrari 488 GTB which comes in the usual red and the yellow model is just the color, this particularity makes quite a difference when it comes to the price of such a model. Back to the specs of the Ferrari 488 GTB yellow, a first-time renter could be impressed by:
  •           the 670-horsepower engine in the light-weight chassis of this spectacular Ferrari model;
  •           speaking about the engine, the one on the new model is a 3,9—liter turbocharged engine;
  •           the top speed on the Ferrari 488 GTB yellow is electronically limited at 330 km/h;
  •           the 0 to 100 km/h is reached in only 3 seconds in the new Ferrari 488 GTB yellow.

Ferrari 488 GTB is one of the most popular models for hire in Dubai, but our rental agents can also advise on other Ferraris you can enjoy in this superb city.

Driving a Ferrari 488 GTB yellow in Dubai

It’s not easy to turn people’s heads when you’re on vacation in Dubai because luxury is at home here. However, when you decide to rent a Ferrari 488 GTB yellow in Dubai, you have the highest chances of doing that.

The Ferrari 488 GTB yellow is definitely an impressive model, especially when considering the other models, such as the Ferrari 488 GTB Spider which can also be rented with us, if you plan on renting a car in Dubai.

When talking about the feeling of driving a Ferrari for hire in Dubai, especially the 488 GTB yellow model, the sporty look and driving position behind the wheel will take you right out of Dubai on the Formula 1 track.

Our rental advisors are at your disposal with detailed information about the price of a Ferrari for rent in Dubai, whether we are talking about this special model or another one.

The difference between the Ferrari 488 GTB yellow and other Ferraris

Of course, the first and most important difference between the Ferrari 488 GTB yellow and, let’s say, the Ferrari Portofino is the color. And it is important to note that yellow color because it cannot be found on too many Ferraris.

Ferrari 488 GTB yellow is based on an older Ferrari model, the Berlinetta, however, the engineers and designers at Ferrari developed a whole new concept when creating the Ferrari 488 GTB. The yellow model is not often seen on the streets, not even on those in Dubai, therefore if you decide to rent a Ferrari 488 GTB yellow, you will definitely feel special, just like the car.

If you have any questions about Ferrari cars for hire in Dubai, our agents are at your disposal with information about the prices, duration and additional services you can choose in order to make your vacation or short trip unforgettable.

Rent a Ferrari 488 GTB yellow in Dubai with us

No matter if you have been to Dubai until now and driven such a magnificent car, or this is your first time here, you should definitely rent a Ferrari. With us, you can rent any Ferrari model you want, including a Ferrari 488 GTB yellow.

Our services are tailored to the request of our clients because special cars such as Ferrari will definitely attract special clients, therefore do not hesitate to let us know your interests and we will do our best to make them happen.

If you want to rent a Ferrari 488 GTB yellow with us, here’s what to expect:
  •           a great price which will be customized based on the period you will be in Dubai;
  •           personalized offers if you want to rent the spectacular Ferrari 488 GTB yellow for a longer period of time;
  •           pickup and drop services – pick up your car from where you want and drop it at the airport when you leave;
  •           personalized advice if you are interested and want to rent another Ferrari model in Dubai.

If you want to come to Dubai and want to rent a Ferrari, do not hesitate to contact us. Let us know about your interest in Ferrari cars, and we will be glad to help you rent one while in Dubai.