7 Reasons to Rent a Ferrari in Dubai

Updated on Monday 29th October 2018

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7 Reasons to Rent a Ferrari in Dubai Image
With a history that begins in 1929, Scuderia Ferrari concentrated on race cars, but the legendary “prancing horse” is now one of the most wanted sports cars in the world, spreading happiness and thrills in each moment. We invite you to take a look at our fleet of Ferrari cars for rent in Dubai and enjoy one as soon as you arrive in the city for your vacation or for any reason you might have. Here are a few motives why renting a Ferrari in Dubai is a great idea. You may talk to one of our car rental consultants in Dubai for complete support.

1. Ferrari cars are luxurious sports vehicles

If you are a person who loves nothing but the finest cars in the world, we recommend you rent a Ferrari in Dubai and lavish yourself on board an extravagant car. The luxurious interior and the stunning exterior of a Ferrari are iconic for so many years, and without a doubt, these are among the reasons why you should rent a gorgeous Ferrari.

2. The performances of a Ferrari are amazing

The power of a Ferrari street car cannot pass unnoticed while driving such a great piece of art. 750 HP and acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in just 2.5 seconds for a Ferrari 488 Spyder make anyone think of a thrilling ride. This can be your overgenerous option for your marvelous vacation in Dubai.

3. Renting a Ferrari for private events in Dubai

Are you going to a place where the personal image weighs enough to make a stunning impression? Would you like to amaze your friends on board a beautiful sports car? Then it is time to drive a red-hot Ferrari and feel like the princes and sheiks in Dubai.

4. A Ferrari for corporate gatherings? Why not?

If you are planning a special corporate event you might want to direct your attention to our fleet of Ferrari cars for rent in Dubai. You have all the reasons to believe that this is the top option because a Ferrari car is not only impressive, but it is also a creator of special moments for each and one of you.

5. Ferrari is an iconic sports car you must try in Dubai

A trip to Dubai means a time well-spent along the ones you love and you wish to spoil. An iconic car like Ferrari needs no further presentation, but it can be described as an amalgam of feelings you should try as soon as you decide on a Dubai vacation. Our car rental agents in Dubai can provide you with complete information about how you can rent a Ferrari in Dubai and about the price offers we have.

6. A Ferrari sports car is enticing

Can you imagine passing by a Ferrari without touching it and try it? We don’t! Therefore if you would like to be irresistible on your over the top vacation in Dubai, we invite you to rent a Ferrari in Dubai.

7. Make friends, rent a Ferrari

Ferrari cars are turning heads wherever it might be. If you are looking for fun and friends in Dubai and if you would like to make a great impression, then rent a Ferrari car in Dubai as fast as you can. We are at your service with complete support.

Please feel free to contact our team of consultants and find out more about how you can rent a Ferrari in Dubai.


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