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Rent a Ferrari in Dubai and have a marvelous experience

Renting a Ferrari in Dubai is certainly an option with no regrets for tourists in search of ultimate sensations in a city that breaths opulence, luxury and wealth. The experience on board a Ferrari for rent in Dubai is unbeatable, therefore, we invite you to talk to our team of consultants and find out information about the Ferrari models you can rent in Dubai.

Ferrari is considered to be one of the most luxurious cars ever built, due to the amazing and outstanding features and performances. Fast, exotic and fantastic are few of the many reasons why you should rent a Ferrari in Dubai if you wish to please your taste and make a great impression in front of your friends and family. Our luxury car rental agents in Dubai are ready to offer you details and information about our notable fleet of luxury cars which includes many types of Ferrari cars. 

Ferrari can be your excellent choice if you wish to taste the adrenaline behind the wheel and to spice up your special journey in Dubai. With 483 to 730 HP and acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in just 2.5 seconds, Ferrari is definitely irresistible and one of the fastest cars in the world. Dubai is for sure a city that you will never forget, due to its incredible architecture, culture, luxury, and opulence. Here, rich people from around the world choose to rent sports cars in Dubai, and especially Ferrari, due to the great performances and features, and also to the sumptuousness these cars have to offer from the first touch.

Why rent a Ferrari in Dubai?

From the beginning, we mention that Ferrari cars are considered the most luxurious vehicles ever built, with exotic attributes and fantastic performances. The level of adrenaline can be exceeded with the help of a powerful Ferrari which can reach 100 km/h in just 2.5 seconds. Ferrari is an irresistible sports car that can be tested as soon as you arrive in Dubai and decide for a brand-new experience. You might want to discover and consider the following features of the brilliant Ferrari which is at your disposal once you decide on a marvelous vacation in Dubai:
  • luxury and highest performance are among the admired attributes of a beautiful Ferrari;
  • Ferrari FXX-K Evo model has lightweight elements and 1036 HP;
  • each Ferrari car is unique and the only thing in common is the excellent performance;
  • the exclusive design of a Ferrari sports car makes it recognizable at any moment.
If you would like to turn heads in the city while driving a remarkable Ferrari car, we invite you to talk to our specialists and find out the terms and conditions for renting such an amazing vehicle. For corporate car rentals, airport transfers or business meetings, events, we invite you to benefit from top services in car rentals in Dubai, by choosing a Ferrari for hire.

The black prancing horse is the well-known Ferrari logo and can be recognized by anyone, not to mention the red-hot color that makes you wonder what the feelings behind the wheel are. Ferrari is one of the most expensive and fastest cars worldwide, due to Renzo Ferrari (the car manufacturer) who dreamed about high performances, luxury, and incredible appearance when he created this piece of art.

For the record, VIPs like Floyd Mayweather or Tiger Woods were Ferrari's luxurious and high-class icons in the late 2000’s, due to their incredible sports performances in those times. And if we analyze the charts, they are still performing quite well! If you want to feel the power and the confidence these athletes felt behind the luxurious wheel, then you should definitely hire a Ferrari in Dubai. This supercar can make you feel invincible and powerful in a city where anything can happen and where luxury and lavishness are the main items you think of when dreaming of Dubai.

Ferrari is not just one of the most luxurious and iconic sports cars in the world, it is one of the fastest and ferocious supercars, powerful, adrenaline-driven four-wheeled pieces of jewelry and can offer you one of the most amazing cruising experiences you can ever have behind a wheel. With a powerful and piercing engine fit for a racing car, the brand never fails to impress with numbers that are easily translated on the lane:
  • a horsepower ranging from 483 to 730 for their models fabricated between 2004 and 2012;
  • a top speed of 330 km/h to 395 km/h, reaching 100 km/h in a time span of 2.5 seconds (2008’s Ferrari FXX Evoluzione) to 4 seconds (2006’s Ferrari 575 GTZ Zagato);
  • a motor power ranging from 621 HP (2011’s Ferrari 458 Italia) to 1200 HP (2013’s Ferrari F12 Berlinetta);
  • 1036 HP and lightweight elements for the latest Ferrari model, FXX-K Evo.

Hire a Ferrari and drive it on your way to Jumeirah Beach in Dubai

Dubai is a top vacation destination and a city of highest richness built this way a long time ago and addressed to those interested in exploring nothing but the best. Jumeirah Beach is one of the marvelous attractions in Dubai where you can see how wealthy sheiks are driving their outstanding luxury cars, among which Ferrari makes no exception. Those looking to feel the same sensations or even better ones should seek us and ask for support in renting a Ferrari in Dubai. The thing we can guarantee is the extreme feeling while driving a beautiful Ferrari sports car to Jumeirah Beach, one of Dubai’s main point of attraction and the connection to lavishness and ultimate extravagance.

Ferrari car models that made history

Ferrari Portofino, Ferrari Spyder, Ferrari Berlinetta, Ferrari FX, Ferrari 488 Pista, or Ferrari FF are only a few of the well-known models of the brand that made history for more than 60 years. Would you like to feel irresistible on board an iconic Ferrari car? Would you like to be a VIP on your vacation in Dubai? Let us take care of your dreams by helping you rent a Ferrari in Dubai.

Short story of Ferrari

The luxurious brand was designed in 1929 by Enzo Ferrari, a visionary who changed the world, literally. He built his own car company and the first Ferrari was launched in 1940 in Maranello, Italy, but with full recognition only in 1947. According to statistics, Ferrari seems to be the most powerful brand in the world recently selling on auction the most expensive car, a Ferrari 250 GTO, for approximately EUR 38 million.

Having a peek back in history, Ferrari was created to push the limits, which it did in numerous race competitions like Formula One, where many pilots became number one drivers. A little bit later, Ferrari sold 50% of its shares to Fiat, and soon the company encountered numerous developments. Fiat Dino is a beautiful model which marked those important times. In the ‘80s, Ferrari gets back on its track, continuing to design outstanding models, including the one for Pope John Paul II. Getting back in our days, Ferrari still stands for wealth, speed and complete luxury, which is why we invite you to rent such an outstanding vehicle.

The legend behind the Ferrari logo

The prancing horse is the logo of Ferrari, but how many people know the story behind this symbol? It is mentioned in history that an Italian pilot always used horse emblems for its plane before taking off on a mission, of course, for good luck. Fortunately, Enzo Ferrari enjoyed this symbol, and he was a good friend to the superstitious pilot. And this is how the logo of Ferrari appeared, a prancing horse everybody loves.

We invite you to contact our team of luxury car rental agents in Dubai for more information about our fleet and about how to rent a Ferrari in Dubai. We can offer you details about the prices for renting different models of Ferrari in Dubai.