Rent Ferrari Portofino in Dubai

Updated on Monday 24th February 2020

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Dubai is definitely a hotspot when it comes to vacations. This magnificent city attracts tourists from every corner in the world as it offers many interactive activities in order to keep visitors busy. So, if you are planning a vacation in Dubai, there are plenty of things to do, among these sightseeing and desert safaris are quite common these days. If you want to try something new, you should rent a car and feel what this city has to offer by imagining how it is to live here. However, we wouldn’t recommend any ordinary car, as Dubai is not an ordinary city, instead, we would dare you to rent a Ferrari. Among the iconic models of Ferrari cars for hire in Dubai, we advise you try the Portofino model. Our car rental specialists in Dubai present you below a few of the amazing features of a Ferrari Portofino but will let you discover the others on your own.

Ferrari Portofino – one of the latest models in Ferrari’s collection

For those who want to rent a Ferrari Portofino while in Dubai but don’t know much about this model, we can tell them that it is one of the newest models of the famous car manufacturer. Launched in 2017, the Ferrari Portofino is a two-door hardtop convertible, therefore perfect to drive down the streets of Dubai. If you want to rent a Ferrari in Dubai, we have a magnificent fleet of this make, and we can recommend you new or older but iconic models, or you can choose the Ferrari you want so much want to try from our fleet. If you are looking for a new model such as the Portofino, we can also recommend you rent the 488 GTB Spider model.

How can a Ferrari Portofino for hire in Dubai impress you?

If we haven’t convinced you yet on renting a Ferrari Portofino during your vacation in Dubai, here are a few of its attributes which should definitely make you choose this model:
  • it comes equipped with a V8 engine which delivers the maximum power output of 600 cv at 7600 RPM, for those who know about cars;
  • it is 80 kg lighter than the Ferrari California T model, which makes it faster;
  • stiffer springs on both the front and the rear provide for better suspension;
  • it has the latest magnetorheological damping system which contributes to the ride comfort;
  • it reaches a speed of more than 320 km/h, going from 0 to 100km/h in just 3.5 seconds.

The Ferrari Portofino model also comes equipped with a 7-speed dual automatic transmission. For more information on the technical specifications of the Ferrari Portofino, you can ask our car rental agents in Dubai who would be more than happy to explain what this supercar has to offer.

The interior and exterior of the Ferrari Portofino

If you are not a car or tech-savvy, but you are impressed by the looks of Ferrari cars, let us explain what you can find on the inside when renting a Ferrari Portofino in Dubai. The interior is that of a sports car, as you could imagine, however, Ferrari Portofino comes with other outstanding features, such as:
  • an impressive infotainment system with Apple CarPlay in order for you to listen to your favorite songs while driving it in Dubai;
  • the renowned Formula 1 Trac stability control can also be found on this model;
  • a new and modern passenger display which has a 10.2-inch touchscreen;
  • the Portofino also adds more space for the passenger sitting on the backseats.

If you want to rent a Ferrari Portofino in Dubai, you should also know that the manufacturer gave this model a more luxurious look and made it more maneuverable for bumpy roads, so you can drive it in complete comfort.

A Ferrari Portofino rented by the hour/day

It is true, a Ferrari Portofino should be rented for more than just a couple of hours, however, there are persons who need to attend to special occasions and all sorts of events in a fast and spectacular manner. This is where the offer of renting a Ferrari Portofino in Dubai by the hour or by the day can be a great choice. Renting such a car for a whole day is also a good idea, so you might want to know the advantages of these kinds of facilities. For instance, you can pick your rented Ferrari Portofino in Dubai from an established place, like the airport, for example, and leave it in another place in the city. Meanwhile, you can simply enjoy the powerful and spectacular Ferrari Portofino and visit hot places like Palm Jumeirah, Burj Dubai, Burj Al Arab, Dubai Creek, Dubai Marina, Al Mamzar Beach Park, Palm Islands, Dubai Mall, Mall of the Emirates, Jumeirah Mosque and many more. All you have to do is to talk to one of our car rental specialists in Dubai and tell them about your intentions when it comes to renting a Ferrari Portofino in Dubai by the hour for a whole day. 

Can I ask for airport transfers in Dubai?

Yes, you can ask for a rented Ferrari Portofino in Dubai and also for airport transfers. Some say that traveling from the airport to the city of Dubai should be made with the help of a gorgeous and luxurious car in order to properly enjoy the view. This is where a Ferrari Portofino can enter the discussion, and that because this is an amazing and beautiful sports car that should be tested in the marvelous city of Dubai. The level of adrenaline will definitely change when driving a stunning car like Ferrari Portofino, one of the most wanted sports cars in the world. Feel free to take a piece of adventure right at the time of your arrival and rent a Ferrari Portofino in Dubai. Don’t forget to ask about airport transfers and send us your requests to one of our consultants. We are at your disposal with complete support when renting a Ferrari Portofino, no matter the facilities you are interested in.

The suspension and steering of a Ferrari Portofino

The good ride quality provided by a Ferrari Portofino is sustained by the electrically assisted power steering, plus a harsher suspension system and the magnetorheological dampers. The sports mode should definitely be tried right from the start and that to feel the power of Ferrari Portofino and to enjoy everything this car has to offer.

The launch of Ferrari Portofino, a stunning event

Having its roots in Portofino, this Ferrari model was launched in this amazing Italian village in September 2017. Sebastian Vettel, and Giancarlo Fisichella, two well-known Formula One racing drivers were two of the hosts who presented the very first entrance of Ferrari Portofino on the market. The event matched with Ferrari’s 70th anniversary in 2017, so launching Ferrari Portofino was considered a gift on behalf of the company. By the end of 2017, Ferrari Portofino to the road to Japan, China, Hong Kong, and USA.

Why you should rent a Ferrari in Dubai

There are many reasons why you should visit Dubai, besides enjoying a stunning view and remarkable places that conquer every soul. For example, if you would like to pamper yourself and to feel just like a prince in Dubai, you should think of renting a Ferrari Portofino and start a unique adventure that can be remembered forever. Our fleet of Ferraris for hire in Dubai is quite appealing and can be excellent options for all tourists in Dubai, in search of a proper means of transportation and a brand-new experience. Airport transfers, pick and drop services, plus many other facilities are at your disposal at any time if you let us take care of your requests. It is quite simple for you to ask for a Ferrari Portofino for rent in Dubai, as long as you send us an email or call us. You can request a price or a callback if you are interested in renting a Ferrari Portofino in Dubai

A Ferrari Portofino for a special occasion

Ferrari Portofino is an amazing sports car that can match with every special event you might have in the city. A wedding anniversary, your honeymoon, a particular meeting or an event that needs a proper appearance are among the reasons why you should direct your attention to our amazing Ferrari collection. A Ferrari Portofino comes with a series of advantages, so when visiting Dubai, you should not skip this one time offer of renting such a great sports car. Let us handle your request and help you make your dream come true.

A few interesting facts about the Ferrari Portofino

Our fleet of Ferrari cars for hire in Dubai is made of spectacular models, however, we wanted to include the Ferrari Portofino because it is one of the newest models which was created based on the intake of clients who own Ferrari cars in order to make the experience unique. The name of this model comes from a small fishing village in Italy, Portofino, which is, however, known for attracting celebrities from all over the world. The Ferrari Portofino comes equipped with the International Engine of the Years 2016, 2017 and 2018. The folding rooftop can be lowered or lifted in 14 seconds. From a price point of view, the Ferrari Portofino model is one of the most affordable, which also makes it affordable when it comes to renting it for your vacation in Dubai.

If you are planning a special vacation in Dubai and don’t know how to impress your spouse, renting a Ferrari Portofino for a unique experience could be what you need. Let us impress you with our amazing fleet of Ferrari cars for rent in Dubai, so contact us now for a personalized offer, no matter if you want to rent a Portofino or another Ferrari model.