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Updated on Thursday 11th April 2019

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Many of us dream about a vacation or at least a short trip to Dubai during which we can do many things. The truth is Dubai is such a wonderful city it would probably take weeks to see everything or at least some of its iconic buildings. However, with the help of a car for rent, one can see most of the famous buildings and places which make Dubai one of the wonders of this world.

When it comes to speed, there is nothing that screams speed like a Ferrari car. And what Ferrari is the best for driving down the streets of Dubai if not the Ferrari California T. Let our rental specialists explain to you why you should rent the magnificent Ferrari California T if you plan on visiting Dubai. We can also help you rent this great car if you are considering a Ferrari for hire in Dubai.

The Ferrari California T – an outstanding car

Ferrari California T is perhaps one of the most popular cars you can see down the streets of Dubai. It is simply is one of the most amazing cars ever produced by the famous race cars manufacturer.
Ferrari California T is a sports grand-tourer which came into production in 2014. It is the successor of the Ferrari California Type F149 and of the California 30 which was launched in 2012.

The new Ferrari California T is a two-door convertible model which is why it catches the eye of those who simply take a look at it.

If you decide to rent a Ferrari California T four your vacation in Dubai, imagine that you can drive it with the top on or off, depending on your mood, however, we recommend you drive it with the top off in order to feel the gentle breeze of Dubai’s waters.

We also have other Ferrari cars for hire in Dubai, such as the splendid Ferrari GTC 4 Lusso which can be used as a family car.

A brief history of the Ferrari California T for rent in Dubai

If you are not convinced to rent a car in Dubai, then you should jump directly to a Ferrari car in order to stop second-guessing your ideas. Here is what recommends Ferrari California T as your rental choice in Dubai, according to its long-lasting history:
  1.           the Ferrari California T was recreated in order to revive the 1950 and 1960 Ferrari 250 GT Spyder California, respectively 365 California;
  2.           the first modern Ferrari California was launched in 2008 until the California T model has seen the light of day in 2014;
  3.           the Ferrari California T is the predecessor of Ferrari Portofino which was launched in 2018;
  4.           the T model has one of the most modern looks created by Pininfarina SPA as it was created for Ferrari owners interested in replacing their older models;
  5.           Ferrari California T is a landmark for the manufacturer as it incorporates many of the first-time concepts implemented on Ferrari road cars.

If you decide to rent a Ferrari in Dubai and you were convinced by the California T model, you can ask us for more information anytime. You can also rent other models with us, such as Ferrari F12 Berlinetta.

Ferrari California T – specs

If you want to rent a Ferrari California T in Dubai, you will find a V-8 engine which relies on a 7-speed dual clutch with automatic transmission which will deliver the 553 horsepower which will take you from 0 to 100 km/h in just 3.6 seconds. The 3.9-liter twin-turbocharged engine can reach a maximum speed of 315 km/h.

The Ferrari California T is the first Ferrari car to be equipped with the Apple CarPlay app in its infotainment system; this way you will be able to play your favorite music while you drive.

If you want to rent a Ferrari California T in Dubai, you should also know that this outstanding model comes with Handling Speciale package which was implemented on the newer version of the car which was released in 2017. This package will offer you the feel of driving a race car, as it implies a sporty driving and stiffer suspension.

We can also assist with other Ferrari cars for rent in Dubai, among which the Ferrari 488 GTB. Also, if you have any other preferences, do not hesitate to let us know.

FAQ on Ferrari California T for hire in Dubai

1. Can I book the Ferrari California T before I come to Dubai?
Yes, it is possible to book the Ferrari California T or any other Ferrari model prior to the arrival.

2. Can I rent the Ferrari California T when I arrive in Dubai?
You can rent it, as long as it is in our fleet at that moment. It is advisable to reserve the car you to rent in Dubai prior to your arrival.

3.For how long can I rent the Ferrari California T in Dubai?
We offer both short and long-term rental services, so the period you want to rent it depends on you.

4. How much does it cost to rent a Ferrari California T in Dubai?
The price depends on how long you want to hire the car and on the additional services if you require any.

For complete details on how to rent a Ferrari California T, please contact our rental agents in Dubai.